Providing in-home care
services since 2005.

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Health Plan Partnerships

We have provided in-home care since 2005, with physicians, nurse practitioners and clinical teams providing exemplary care. Our network of primary home care and palliative consultations services, along with hospice care, provides comprehensive complex care management services to health plan members. These services support health plan members' goals of increasing membership and the quality of care and outcomes to patients, as well as lowering costs to their system and beneficiaries.

Valor Health Innovation
With state-of-the-art technologies, our clinicians provide assessments, care plans and patient data, securely in the home with 24/7 access to real-time information. Data collection provides for auto reporting and intensive code capture, to ensure effective business intelligence and analytics.

Partner with us

For information on Valor Health Services and
other health care services that are provided,
please contact us at 520.777.7725.

Why Valor Health Services

We have been providing high touch, compassionate in-home care, with comprehensive services since 2005 with proven results of increasing patient and family satisfaction scores as well as lowering overall care costs. Currently, we measure over 30 outcome metrics.

Our clinicians are experts in providing care in the comfort and surroundings of home - wherever a patient lives - and have advanced training in complex care management.

Our innovative care provisions allow us to capture more conditions and immensely reduce emergency room and in-patient visits.

Our proven process, technologies, and clinical expertise delivers results and reports with immediate information to provide care to the patients and help health plans meet their business goals.

Valor Health Services covers a large service area, ensuring that health populations are served in rural areas.

Health Plan Segments Served (Please check with your health plans for eligibility and coverages):

  • Medicare and Medicaid
  • Medicare Advantage
  • Dual Eligible
  • Commercial/Managed Care
  • VA

Please note that this program does not provide emergency care. Please call 911.